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March 09-15, 2018

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  • Newly Revealed Frequency Update:
    No new frequencies added to AIM
  • News and Resources:
    • Quote for the Week
    • Recommended Listening
    • EMC² Healing Meditation
    • AIM Scholarship Programs
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  • AIM Testimonial:
    • Tonya from Utah... Overcoming their skepticism about The AIM Program, a family releases their anger and depression to find peace and harmony.
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Newly Revealed Frequency Update
As of March 08, 2018

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This week there were No new frequencies revealed to us.

News and Resources

Quote for the Week


Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.
~Jim Rohn~

Evan Slawson

The Meaning of Vivid Dreams while Detoxing.

EMC² Healing Meditation

If you're ready to supercharge your experience with the AIM Program, consider learning the techniques introduced in the EMC² Healing Meditation, available here:

AIM Scholarship Programs

As part of our outreach activities and continuous research, EMC² offers scholarships for those found to have the frequency of Autism, Down Syndrome or Cystic Fibrosis. Visit our web site for details AIM Scholarship Programs.

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AIM Testimonial

Here is just one story of self-healing experienced by one of the tens of thousands of people who have utilized AIM to help unleash their innate healing capacity to achieve miraculous levels of well-being. We invite you to view others and take advantage of the convenient "search by keywords" feature which allows you to search through a wide array of topics. Click on the Testimonials tab at the top of and choose Written Testimonials or just click here.

Tonya from Utah

I am so thankful for The AIM Program!

The members of my family were reluctant but agreed to participate in The AIM Program - they never really "believed" or even thought much about it once they were signed up. It has been one and a half years for me and just less than 6 months for the rest of the family.

I don't recall noticing much detoxing from any of my family members but I notice a huge difference now. I have never had as much love and harmony in my family as we now have. Previously both my teenagers were frequently depressed, my husband and son both had some very serious anger and emotional control issues and there was much arguing and discord.

So much has changed! There is so much peace and harmony, my kids are no longer depressed, my son is willing to help, do what he is asked and he and my husband's anger issues seem to have disappeared!! I am absolutely amazed.

The only thing I can attribute this to is The AIM Program. Thank you EMC˛ so much for introducing me to The AIM Program!

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EMC² Shop

Click here to purchase your copy of Sanctuary in paperback or on CD..

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"When I first met Max, he did full, in fact exhaustive, evaluations on every client. Of course, each client required either a separate computer or energetically charged drops. With the AIM Program, the individual computers and the drops we no longer necessary. But as the number of applicants for Energetic Balancing grew and grew without an end in sight, it became logistically harder to provide evaluations. Max and the choir switched from performing full evaluations to performing mini-evaluations and the number of applicants continue to grow. Even the mini-evaluation became too time-intensive, so Max and the choir began doing life-force evaluations only.

Each person gets the same AIM Program, regardless of which imbalances are found (they may have)... We have no choice but to help the maximum number of people, even if it means we can no longer discuss the specifics of each individual’s imbalances. Remember, an imbalance is no longer removed as a result of my finding it. It is removed because you inexorably select the balancing frequencies for each of your imbalances."

~Sanctuary The Path To Consciousness page 203-204~

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